Allergy Relief

What is an allergy?

An allergy is the body's negative response to a substance or situation that is normally not harmful to others. Adverse reactions can range from mild and chronic or to immediate and very severe. Often people suffer for years with allergy related symptoms without knowing it. Sensitivities to certain substances can produce a variety of symptoms such as:

- Difficulty swallowing and breathing
- Contact Dermatitis
- Headaches or migraines
- Sneezing with a runny or clogged nose
- Allergic shiners
- Red wattery itchy eyes

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You can be allergic to something you eat, something you touch or something you inhale. Allergic reactions are sometimes related to emotional trauma. In addition, family history of allergies plays an important role.

Allergic reactions that occur a few hours to a few days after exposure to an allergen normally cause minor symptoms. Allergic reactions that occur immediately after exposure are often more severe and can lead to a medical emergency. 

The first plan of attack for an allergy suffer is avoidance. Allergens that cause severe reactions must be avoided at all costs even after being treated successfully. Allergens that cause minor reactions often can be neutralized simply by avoiding contact with the allergen for three to six months. Environmental allergens are sometimes difficult to avoid.

In all cases it is important to develop an allergic profile, identifying which items cause concern. This can be done through a combination of observation, skin scratch and blood tests as well as Neuro-muscular Sensitivity Testing (NST).

No test is perfect but the blood tests are considered the most accurate. Blood spot tests for IgG and IgE mediated allergens are via the Fredericton Wellness Clinic from a private laboratory. For more information click on Allergy Tests.

From the allergy profile a treatment plan is developed that may include dietary recomendations, avoidance of the substances or situations that cause allergic reactions, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture or NAET Allergy Elimination Treatments.

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*DISCLAIMER: Please note that the results of the Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Qi Gong Energy Balancing and Medical Aesthetics services, ProDerm Skin Care products and Herbal Formulas available at the Fredericton Wellness Clinic may differ from person to person.*


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