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Maurice Lavigne

* Acupuncture:

 "Hi maurice... I always meant to write you a testament to your work...and i never did. Thanks to your help with acunputure I now have a 20 month old! I tell everyone my story and how the herbs and acupuncture helped!" Reegan

Marjorie arrived at the Wellness Clinic in severe pain after having undergone an operation in January 2016 to remove part of her Large Intestine due to Crohn’s disease. “I had so much pain, I was giving up,” she explained. “I could not work and was ready to retire from my job as a nurse. But after only two treatments of acupuncture with Maurice I have no pain. It’s awesome. I can’t believe it. I am back to work. My co-workers can’t believe it. I have my life back. Maurice is my angel, my miracle worker.” Marjorie

After one treatment for anxiety "I feel like a new person. I slept every single night. When I wake up in the morning I am rested. I have energy and motivation. Everyone at work notices the difference." Lisa

"After 8 weeks of 24/7 head aches and several visits to a family doctor, I reached out to Maurice for HELP! It took only 4 sessions for Maurice to clear my head from those horrible aches. With his gentle, calming touch, some wonderful massages and his skilled acupuncture, I was cured! This isn't the first time Maurice has done what western medicine failed to do and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for offering this alternative. Thank you, Maurice!!" Betty

"What an incredible experience! Thank you so much Maurice! So grateful!" - Sam Rosenthal

"Just wanted to sing the praises of the Clinic. After just two visits consisting of massage, accupuncture and herbal medicine, the pain I've had in my hip for 2 years has completely disappeared."  - Ted

"Have had chronic pain for years... A friend recommended Maurice. He performed a series of allergy therapy treatments following his diagnosis. The pain virtually disappeared! First time anyone could fix this in six years! Thank you." - D.  

"Wonderful results. The single most effective treatment I've had in 10 years." - Kris

"The only way to measure how much you have helped me in my life is with THANKS! Thank you for your humble, patient approach to treatments." - Kaley 

"I had an open wound from a surgery that was done to remove a form of skin cancer on my temple. Five months after my surgery, the wound was still fresh.. My Doctor suggested I get a skin graft in order to close the wound. I didn't want another surgery... I contacted Maurice. After the first few treatments of energy work and acupuncture, I could really see the difference. Now my wound is healed completely, and my Doctor has cancelled my skin graft. Thanks Maurice." - Sheri

"When I started coming to the Wellness Clinic for acupuncture I had not been able to go to the bathroom to have a bowel movement for the previous five or six days without taking colon cleanser pills. I had constant discomfort and pain. It was just amazing what happened. Since the third treatment I have been having a bowel movement at least once a day and sometimes more." - Bonita 

"Thank you to an amazing and great healer. In not long at all, my whole life did an amazing and positive 360. Acupuncture and Maurice's touch really, really works. Thanks!" - Christina

* Laser Stop Smoking: 

“After the Stop Smoking treatment, the feeling of wellbeing was amazing. I experienced no nicotine withdrawal. It is the easiest of all stop smoking methods I have tried hands down. I am by nature a skeptic, but I am absolutely convinced acupuncture works.” Bev

“I am one week in and am NOT smoking.  Cravings are minimal and are very manageable! … Great job and I am very appreciative that this made ceasing to smoke so easy.” - Sandra

"A month and a week tomorrow since Maurice did Laser and Acupuncture on me to address my smoking issue. This has been the only time I have been at the clinic to see him simply because I never had any urges to light up since then. If only I would have discovered his great work sooner. Thank you Maurice for this liberation." Jean

“It is going great! I haven't smoked since I had the treatment done. I still have the urge every now and again, however the treatment has relieved the edge of the cravings and has allowed me to stay on track rather then falling off like I have before when trying to quit on my own.” - Catherine

“Its been 2 months and 16 days, I have not smoked since Jan 27.  Not saying I haven't wanted one, but even wanting one I have not fallen off the wagon.  For me this is the best program out there.  Thank you for helping me become smoke free.” - Judy

“It worked great for me. I never had a smoke since and have not wanted one. I found it was very easy way to quiet. I had almost no withdrawal systems, and no habit cravings. Going from a package a day to not even wanting a cigarettes was kind of a weird feeling. If anything I kept thinking it was going to stop working and I was going to want a cigarette at any minute and it just never happened. I did take the pills you gave me, so not sure if that had something to do with the withdrawals being so easy. I pretty much feel like I have never smoked. So for me it was great.” - Deb

“Unfortunately, it is just not working for me. I cannot seem to get past smoking 6-8 a day.  I really wish it had!!” - Kathy

“I am still not smoking and very happy.  Thanks for getting me on the road to a better life. Still can't believe it is happening at times but it truly is, thanks again!” - Kristal

"It's been over 2 years since I had my Stop Smoking session with Maurice and still no cravings. I truly have become a non-smoker. Thank you for changing my life." Nicole

"Doing well, no smoking, a few times I have really wanted to but got through it. Was away to Jamica over March break and kind of thought that would be hard but not too bad at all. Thank you SO much."  - Kirby 

"I am very pleased to say I have not had even a puff of a cigarette since my treatment, I was not even tempted at a bonfire with beer and others smoking.  Several of my coworkers have asked how I did it and I happily passed the Clinic's information to them. Thank you for making this easier for me to accomplish." - Huguette

"I am doing great!  I am still smoke-free and after the acupuncture treatment I am no longer using nicotine patches.  I used the herbs for the first few days after the treatment but have not needed them lately.  I am 100% nicotine and tobacco free :)" - Chelsey

“Haven't picked up a cigarette since my first Stop Smoking treatment!  No cravings and really not having any urges to pick up the bad habit again. Thanks again for your help!”

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that the results of the Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Qi Gong Energy Balancing and Medical Aesthetics services, ProDerm Skin Care products and Herbal Formulas available at the Fredericton Wellness Clinic may differ from person to person.*

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