Pain Relief

dreamstimeextrasmall 39191777PainPain is the body’s warning alarm. It tells you something is wrong. If you ignore your body’s alarm, similarly to the fire alarm in your house, severe problems can soon occur.

The Fredericton Wellness Clinic has been treating various pain conditions from lower back to knee pain with great success since 1996. The clinic integrates acupuncture, acupressure massage and herbal medicine to effectively reduce or resolve pain caused by disorders such as:

- Lower back pain
- Knee pain
- Neck and shoulder pain
- Sciatica pain
- Jaw pain (TMJ)
- Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Tennis elbow
- Headaches and migraines
- Menstrual cramps
- Arthritis

Acupuncturee helps prevent pain by acting on the sympathetic nervous system and by stimulating the body to produce biochemical substances, such as endorphins, to help reduce pain. In addition, Chinese Herbal Formulas have analgesic properties and help move the Qi and Blood, reducing levels of pain.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine when energy flows freely within the body it remains healthy. If the energy stagnates the energy balance is disrupted and pain and disease will eventually appear. By releasing the blockage of energy with the application of acupressure, acupuncture and herbal medicine, the natural balance of the body is restored and the pain diminishes or disappears.

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that the results of the Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Qi Gong Energy Balancing and Medical Aesthetics services, ProDerm Skin Care products and Herbal Formulas available at the Fredericton Wellness Clinic may differ from person to person.*


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