Qi Gong

Qi is the energy that flows through the body via specific pathways called meridians. The practice of Qi Gong builds Qi via proper posture, soft movement, breath, and meditation. The Medical Qi Gong styles offered by the Wellness Clinic release stagnant Qi from the body and collect vibrant Qi from nature and the universe thus improving one's health and longevity.

Qi Gong is practiced throughout China and worldwide to:

- Relieve Pain and Stress
- Increase Energy and Stamina
- Alleviate Anxiety and Depression
- Overcome Insomnia
- Boost the Immune System
- Balance the Emotions
- Calm and Relax the Mind and Body
- Enhance Creativity and Productivity
- Help Heal a Variety of Health Conditions by Balancing the Energy System

Qi Gong Remedial Exercises are often used with acupuncture and herbal medicine to help treat a variety of health issues. Qi Gong has been clinically proven to be effective in treating hundreds of chronic conditions such as hypertension, headaches, arthritis, allergies, insomnia, myopia, tinnitus, cancer and kidney problems.   

The Wellness Clinic's Master Qi Gong Instructor, Maurice Lavigne, is a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and former Martial Arts Instructor. He studied Tai Chi and Qi Gong under two Grand Masters, Weizhao Wu of Toronto and T.K. Shih of Connecticut, USA.

Maurice has authored two books on Qi Gong and one on Acupuncture. Click here for more information or to purchase the books on Amazon.

*DISCLAIMER: Please note that the results of the Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Qi Gong Energy Balancing and Medical Aesthetics services, ProDerm Skin Care products and Herbal Formulas available at the Fredericton Wellness Clinic may differ from person to person.*

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