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The Dragon Qi Gong School offers a collection of over 100 styles of Qi Gong that help the practitioner balance the opposing and complementary forces of Yin and Yang, balancing the flow of Qi within the body. Students learn both self-help exercises and Qi Healing techniques which help clear out toxic Qi from the body, regulate the flow of Qi, and gather Qi from the Earth, Nature and the Universe. The tools used to achieve this are posture, gentle movement, stillness, breath and mind moving Qi. Developing a compassionate heart remains at the center of all Qi Gong practice.

Maurice Lavigne is the founder of the Dragon Medical Qi Gong School. He is a Registered Acupuncturist, Certified Herbalist, Certified Qi Healer with the Chinese Healing Arts Center of Connecticut, USA, and author of The Power of Qi for Health and Longevity, now available on In addition to providing Qi Gong Remedial Exercises to his patients, he also offers Qi Healing Sessions where he rebalances the body's energy improving the body's self-healing ability.

The Dragon Qi Gong School offers classes leading to certification as a Qi Gong instructor and Qi healer. (Testing is required at each level for students who wish to become a Qi Gong Instructor or Qi Healer)

Medical Qi Gong Certification Program

Level 1: Open the Gates Qi Gong

Open the Gates Qi Gong is a very popular style as it is relatively easy to learn and provides relief from joint pain and stiffness. Open the Gates helps reduces blockages in the joints thus favoring the abundant flow of Qi. It builds a strong base for the effective practice of Qi Gong. This style improves focus and balance, and strengthens tendons and ligaments. It is good for joint problems caused by repetitive motion disorders, arthritis or physical injury.

Level 2: Heaven & Earth Qi Gong

This is a powerful style that balances stillness and movement, Yin and Yang, in a flowing sequence of both sitting and standing forms. Features Open with the Universe Meditation in Hero Pose, standing on Posts, a few exercises from Eight Brocade Qi Gong, and the Dragon Standing Postures. This method helps relax the body and the Mind, while developing balance, a strong center and deep roots. 

Level 3: Dragon Qi Gong

Featured in the book The Power of Qi written Master Instructor, Maurice Lavigne, this style elevates your practice to the next level. Includes Standing Meditation, Belly Breathing, Turtle Qi Gong, Three Line Meditation, Opening the 12 Regular Meridians Method, Tai Chi Walk and Natural Walking Qi Gong. This method improves balance, focus and awareness.

Level 4: Yoga Qi Gong

Similar to Yin Yoga, this style focuses on posture and stillness. It stretches major muscle groups and gently opens energy blockages in the meridians. It focuses on the power of breath and visualization with special Qi Gong exercises that complement the practice of Yoga. This method is very calming and restorative.

Level 5: Tai Chi Qi Gong

To benefit fully from the cultivation of Qi, we must train both the body and the Mind. This method features some of the most powerful Tai Chi styles but focuses on the moving of Qi in the body's meridians. It helps balance and strengthen the body while developing strong Qi via the powerful Dan Gong meditation method.
Level 6: Spiraling Spine Qi Gong

The health of the spine is central to one’s overall health and wellbeing. The movement of the spine affects the entire body especially the organ systems, and enhances the flow of Qi in the Conception, Governing and Bladder Channels. It also stimulates the brain. This style features a number of exercises that open up the spine and develops its full movement potential. Spiraling Qi Gong also develops strong core muscles.

Level 7: Mind Moving Qi (Prerequisites levels 1 to 6)

Mind Moving Qi teaches a number of powerful meditation sequences such as Eating the Sun and Moon's Energy, Playing with the Trees, and the Nine Gong Meditation Sequence. It creates a powerful Mind to help heal disease in oneself and others.

Level 8: Instructors Workshop (Prerequisites Levels 1 to 7)

Objective: Train Qi Gong practitioners to become qualified instructors of Qi Gong Levels 1 to 6.

Level 9: Speciality Qi Gong Styles

- Qi Gong for Digestive Disorders
- Qi Gong for Respiratory Disease
- Qi Gong for Regulating Blood Pressure
- Qi Gong for Anxiety and Depression
- Qi Gong for Cancer Prevention

Level 10: Qi Gong for Energy Healers - Foundations (Prerequisites Levels 1 plus Level 2 or 3)

Objective: Learn the energy anatomy, diagnostic methods, common pathologies, various Qi disharmonies and basic methods of Qi healing including self-massage and acupressure massage. Therapeutic Value: Learn to help effectively rebalance Qi in another person.

Level 11: Qi Gong for Energy Healers - Advanced (Prerequisites Levels 1 to 9)

Objective: Demonstrate competency in energy healing and an excellent working knowledge of level 10 techniques. Explore advanced Qi Healing techniques and energy anatomy. Therapeutic Value: Become more effective in rebalancing Qi in oneself and another person.

For certification as a Qi Healer you must also complete 25 case studies and do a presentation on Qi Gong energy healing. 

*Please note that the results of the Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Qi Gong and Medical Aesthetics services, ProDerm Skin Care products and Herbal Formulas available at the Fredericton Wellness Clinic may differ from person to person.*

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